Child Seats

There are also specially made chairs for children that convince with safety and comfort. This makes a visit to the hairdresser's most pleasant for even the smallest customers.

Hairway Booster Seat for Kids
Suitable for many styling chairs with artificial leather YD29
29,90 €*
Sibel Seat Cushion Roma
Booster seat with velcro fastening
69,90 €*
Sibel Seat Cushion Boost
Child’s booster seat
72,90 €*
Comair “Kid” - black
Children’s cushion No. 3070065
53,90 €*
Sibel Seat Cushion Comfort
Child’s booster seat
76,90 €*
Sibel Seat Cushion
Child’s booster seat
72,90 €*
Sibel Pacha Haidresser's chair for Children Black
Adjustable Heighth 60 -85 cm - Base Ø 55 cm
293,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Hair Junior Hairdressing Chair
For kids
234,90 €*
minimum quantity 2 pc.

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