Air Styler

Our high-quality Airstylers make life easier - they make styling a quick reality. In no time at all, hair can be styled in a variety of ways with different attachments and is suitable for every hair type.

Original Best Buy Styleox Styling Brush Ionic Ø 40MM
45 Watt - 180°C - cable 2,5 m
now only 24,19 €*
Hot air brush, 700 W
29,90 €*
BaByliss PRO Trio Air Styler BAB3400E
Hot Air Curler,
29,49 €*
Diva Styler Elements Air Curl
Curling iron
92,90 €*
BaByliss PRO BAB2770E Rotating 800
Rotationg brush
62,90 €*
BaByliss PRO BAB2620E Blue Lightning
Hot Air Curler
31,90 €*
Efalock Stylingo Professional Softstyler
modelling, styling, drying
68,90 €*
Termix Pro Styling Brush
electric hairbrush
now only 68,90 €*
Termix Pro Flat Brush
electric styling brush
now only 68,90 €*
BaByliss Moonlight Professional 2602
Hot Air Styler transparent/blue
27,09 €*
Valera Turbo Style 1000 Tourmaline
Hot air styling set Mod. 603.01B
53,90 €*
Efalock Big Hot Brush
airstyler and volumizer
69,90 €*
Efalock AirStyler MAGIC Star red
Hot air styling brush, 7042
34,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Air Combo Pro Styling
Professional curling wand
74,90 €*
BaByliss PRO Air Styler Ceramic
Air Styler Titanium Tourmaline Technology
33,90 €*
Ultron Batha
Curling iron
51,90 €*
XanitaliaPro Hair Brush Liss Ø16mm/ Ø20mm von Sthauer
Round metal thermic airstyler
20,79 €*
BaByliss PRO Magic Styl'Air BAB663E
Hot Air Curler
29,90 €*

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