Hair Trimmer

Here you will find a wide selection of hair trimmers. Different systems allow for easy short haircuts at home or professionally in the salon. Whether with rechargeable battery, mains connection or a variety of blades and attachments - no wish remains unfulfilled here.

Our hair trimmers are also suitable for the perfect finish to a short hairstyle. We have put together a selection of the highest quality brands for you. For example Panasonic, Tondeo or Wahl Professional.
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BaByliss PRO 4Artists Skeleton FX Gold FX7870GE
Professional Cordless Trimmer
130,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists BaByliss Pro FOILFX Gold FXFS2GE
Shaver with 2 cutters, gold
108,90 €*
Stylecraft Instinct Trimmer
Professional vector motor trimmer intuitive torque control
202,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists Skeleton FX Gunsteel FX7870GSE
professional cordless percision trimmer
130,90 €*
Wahl Professional Vanish
ultimate finishing tool Mod. 08173-716
117,90 €*
Wahl Professional Cordless Detailer LI
Professional cord/cordless hair clipper Mod. 08171-016H
149,00 €*
Wahl Professional Cordless Detailer LI Gold
Professional cord/cordless Trimmer Mod. 08171-716
173,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists FOILFX02 FXFS2E
Metal Foil Shaver with 2 cutters, silver
98,90 €*
Tondeo ECO XS Lithium
Hair clipper
119,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists BaByliss Pro FOILFX Gunsteel FXFS2GSE
Shaver with 2 cutters, gunsteel
106,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists FX3 Shaver
High performance double foil shaver
94,90 €*
Stylecraft Saber Trimmer
Professional metal trimmer with digital brushless motor
181,90 €*
Wahl Professional Beret Stealth
Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer Mod. 08841-1516H
94,90 €*
Wahl Professional Beret
Professional cord/cordless hair clipper Mod. 08841-616H
94,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists SnapFX Trimmer
Professional contour trimmer with dual charger
198,00 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists Lo-Pro Fx Trimmer
Low profile hair trimmer with high performance
133,90 €*
Tondeo ECO XS Lithium Black
Hair trimmer
119,90 €*
Stylecraft Rebel Shaver
Professional shaver with super-torque motor
89,90 €*
BaByliss PRO 4Artists FX3 Trimmer
High performance and high torque hair trimmer
139,90 €*
Moser ProfiLine ChroMini Pro 2 black
Hair Trimmer Mod. 1591-0064
87,90 €*
Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver
cord/cordless shaver
98,90 €*
Panasonic ES-SP20
Professional shaver with linear motor and lithium-ion battery
136,90 €*
Andis ProFoil Lithium Plus
Titanium Foil Shaver with charging stand
106,90 €*
Gamma+ Cyborg Trimmer
Professional metal trimmer with digital motor
202,90 €*
Gamma+ X-Evo Trimmer
Professional modular trimmer with magnetic motor
160,90 €*
Moser ProfiLine T-Cut
Professional Cordless Trimmer Mod. 1591-0070
96,90 €*
Wahl Professional Detailer T-Wide
Professional corded trimmer Mod. 08081-1216H
94,90 €*
Wahl Professional Super Close
Finishing Tool Mod. 3616-0470
35,90 €*
Stylecraft Saber Trimmer Black
Professional metal trimmer with digital brushless motor
181,90 €*
Valera Absolut Zero
Professional compact hair clipper Mod. 658.01
99,90 €*

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