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Altesse is distinguished for its high quality hairbrushes. Altesse perfectly tunes its hairbrushes to different hair textures and impresses its customers with the finest French quality. There is a special brush for each hair type to gently detangle hair and give it the necessary bounce.

The handmade Altesse Brush 8911 consists of an 11-row of pure boar bristles and nylon pins for optimal hair and scalp care. The Altesse Paddle Brush 45510, on the other hand, is suitable for easy combing and detangling with its large air cushion, while the plastic bristles with small nubs gently provide a soothing scalp massage. The Altesse Thermal Round Brushes are made of an aluminum body with large air openings for a quick drying time. At the same time, the handle made of natural rubber fits perfectly in the hand and allows for a comfortable work.

The range of Altesse covers all the requirements of the hairdresser in unique top quality.



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